Monday, February 19, 2007

Now in 7 States

Even though we live in Florida - Mona Vie's largest membership state - we can reach out to several more states to help new members.
Our group now includes members in Texas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, New York and Tennessee in addition to Florida. So if you are interested in Mona Vie for improving either your health or your wealth (or both), don't hesitate to call on us just because you live in another state.


Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that you mean that members of this group are from 7 states, because tehre are dealers in many more states that just 7. In April, Oklahoma will have a warehouse in Broken Arrow. There was a meeting in January and about 1,400 dealers showed up to hear Brig hart.

Best wishes,

Tulsa, Ok

Curt Young said...

Hi Joe,

Yes, of course, I meant our personal downline group is in 7 states - thanks for the clarification.
Congrats on getting a warehouse in Oklahoma. We have had one in Florida since last May and it is really great. Your orders arrive next business day, and if you are close enough you can pick up your own and save most of the shipping costs.
Thanks for the Post!